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With our head office in Munich, Germany, we have been an international group company since 2003.
WECO Europe: Registered in Ireland with offices in Ireland, Germany, France, Spain and italy.
WECO North America: Registered in Canada, with office in Toronto area.
WECO Asia Pacific: Registered in Hongkong, with offices in all major cities and production facility in Ningbo.
WECO India: Opened in the summer of 2007.


WECO Elevator Products is a world-wide leading manufacturer of elevator door detectors (light curtains). Our annual sales reached 358,000 sets in 2011, and the sales in 2012 is 452,000 sets, the sales in 2013 is 579,000 sets, and the sales in 2014 is 680,000 sets
Currently, our products are sold in more than 70 countries. WECO now is the LARGEST elevator door detector manufacutrer in the world.



  Quality Quality is from correct design, proper management and strict testing.
  Our research center has 5 design engineers who are specialized in optical components, electrical hardware, software & mechanical structure. As an ISO9001 certified manufacturer, we make all the products the same quality. All our door detectors are online-tested and age-tested in our factory.
  A two-year free replacement warranty shows our strong confidence in the quality and performance of our products.
  Customized design and manufacture is one important service for our customers. We have more than 12 different models to meet customers¨ special requirements.
  Our engineers keep on trying different new materials to improve product reliability and reduce production cost, so we always provide our customers with the most competitive price.